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Website Design, the easy way!

If you're a typical client, you'll want a website to perform a function; maybe to generate sales or enquiries, provide 24:7 advertising or persuade people to visit your business. You won't want to pay too much, you'll want the website to be effective, attractive, accessible to people regardless of whether they are using a PC or a smartphone and you'll want it to be affordable too. If you run a business, you'll be looking for a website that isn't going to take lots of time to manage. If that's the case, we can help.

BeenDesigned is a small website design studio that consists of a small group of designers working together as a group. We believe in keeping life simple and we try to our work simple too. We specialise in designing effective, affordable and attractive responsive websites, and we provide maintenance services to ensure our clients don't have to waste endless hours learning how to manage their websites instead of running their business.

Every new website is created by a designer who works with you to ensure your website does exactly what you want it to do. Our designers listen to what clients want and need, and take personal pride in ensuring that their designs are effective.

Effective website design

If you want to get a website for a small business, you want it to do something, and the first thing a designer needs to know, long before creating your site, is exactly what you want your website to do! For example, you might want it to include an online shop or, if you have a business like a kennels, you will need your website to tell clients about who and where you are, generate enquiries and bookings. If your business offers services you might want to focus on presenting your services and encouraging people to visit you in person.

Once we know this, we can build a website which does what you want, efficiently and effectively. During the design process our designers assemble the components necessary to ensure your website does all the things you asked for, and then structure it to ensure that it performs well in searches on sites like Google.

SEO Optimised

There are many factors which decide how successful a website is in Google searches. Among the website design features that make a difference are the loading speed of your site and whether it is fully mobile-friendly. Our websites are based on current best practices and are responsive and fully mobile compatible. In addition, we design websites that are optimised for best SEO performance, so you don't need to pay extra for that.

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Attractive website design

The contents of your website are what will ensure your website's long-term success and ratings on google, but looks and first impressions count for a lot for real visitors. The more attractive and interesing your website it, the more likely it is to be sucessful and achieve your aims. It's a fact that if your website is unattractive and uninteresting or has a navigation system that isn't clear, people will just go elsewhere. Our designers take care in ensuring that all our websites are as visually attractive and interesting as possible, not just for people viewing them on PCs but also on mobile phones and tablets.

Unless you're made of money, you won't want to pay too much for your website and so we keep our prices as low and transparent as possible. With a full website costing from as little as £400 our websites are genuinely affordable.

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