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Client:London Cattery Directory


Type:HTML Website

The London Cattery Directory is one of a dozen websites we have created for the British Cattery Directories group, aimed at providing free marketing for locally-based boarding catteries, veterinary surgeons and animal rescue organisations. With a focus on speed, simplicity and reliability, all of the group's websites are based on a common HTML design.

As the London Cattery directory was expected to host details of around a hundred boarding catteries and a similar number of vets and animal charities, a CMS-based website allowing business owners to register and add their details to the directory automatically was considered, but with Google giving higher ratings and visibility to websites that are quick loading, an HTML website was the final choice.

The London Cattery directory currently attracts between 5,000 and 10,000 visitors a month, depending on the time of year. New catteries are added to the directory manually, but as the process takes less than half an hour it was considered to be a worthwhile compromise. Other websites in the group are based on the same design platform.

london cattery directory

The London Cattery directory is only one of the cattery directories we have created for the British Cattery Directories group. Other directories cover Manchester, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey and other Southern counties. New directores were planned for 2015 but these will now be added in 2016, when the group will be expanded, providing free marketing for boarding catteries, vets and animal rescue charities for the whole of England.